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Particle Counter & Microbial Samplers

Microbial Air Samplers

Climet microbial air samplers are the first, and today the only impaction sampler designed and engineered to meet all ISO 14698-1, GMP Annex 1, and pharmaceutical standards and recommendations. These include a stainless steel enclosure, aluminum or stainless steel sample heads, a patented HEPA filtered internal exhaust, validated flow control with a flow rate alarm, […]

Portable Particle Counters – From the Innovator, not an Imitator!

Engaged in the manufacture of aerosol particle counters since 1967 (nearly 50 years), Climet pioneered the manufacture of battery powered portable particle counters in 1993, and also pioneered the high flow rates commonly see today: 50 LPM, 75 LPM, and 100 LPM. With dozens of multi-jurisdictional patents in the field of particle counting, Climet has […]
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