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Pharmaceutical Product Storage


Pharmaceutical sector including Biopharmaceuticals, vaccines & biologicals are mainly handling temperature sensitive products. Medicines that require controlled temperature storage conditions need to be handled with special care not only at the factory, but throughout the distribution chain until it reaches the end customer. Any break in the cold chain process for Life saving drugs including [...]
Saudi Food & Drug Authority


Healthcare agencies operate across a range of environments within the scope of their activities, including: food services, pharmacies, laboratories, blood banks, facility maintenance and data  centers. All of these environments require stable and controlled conditions to ensure safety and quality of care. Of particular concern is the storage and transportation of vaccines, medications, tissue samples [...]
Food Safety Cold Chain


The challenges in handling the Frozen and fresh chilled food items and delivering to the consumers with integrity, quality and safety of the temperature sensitive food products are immense. Every year there are hundreds of thousand cases of food-related illnesses including food poisoning, mainly due to pathogenic bacteria caused by the incidents in the cold [...]
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